Aaron Wilensky's Outline

Aaron Wilensky's Chapter

Lehigh University Students as the Consumer

Definition of terms

  • Southside, Northside, Mall
  • GoldPlus
  • Lehigh University employee
  • Contract employee
  • Professor

Who is the average Lehigh University Student?

  • What is the ratio of men to women?
  • Where (southside, northside, LVM) do women usually shop?
  • Where do men usually shop?
  • How many students own cars?
  • Where are the students from?
  • How much money does the average student put into their GoldPlus account?
  • What is the average amount spent in each Goldplus transaction?
  • How many students are enrolled in GoldPlus?

What kinds of things are students buying?

  • When they shop in Southside?
  • When they shop in Northside?
  • When they shop at the mall??

Why do they shop where they do?

  • Safety concerns?
  • Selection?
  • Price?

How do we get Lehigh students to shop in Southside more?

  • Does southside need more business from Lehigh students?
  • What are the primary reasons for not shopping there?
  • What kinds of stores are in demand among Lehigh students?
  • What is it about Southside that Lehigh students find so unsavory?
  • What impact does the Brown and White have on people's perceptions of Southside?
  • What is the history behind people's aversion to Southside?

Why does Peter Zeitler shop at Wegman's?

Lehigh as the Consumer

Who does Lehigh employ?

  • How many people are employed by Lehigh?
  • How many professors are there?
  • Maintenance people?
  • Groundskeepers?
  • Who holds the major contracts with the University?

Where are these people from?

  • Where do professors commute from?
  • Where do the other people who work for the university and its contractors commute from?

How much do they make?

  • What is the average salary of a professor at Lehigh?
  • Groundskeeper? Maintenance person? Food service employee?

Where do they spend their money?

  • Are professors and school officials just as guilty as students in not going to Southside?


Aaron, I think you pose very interesting questions. One suggestion I would make is also create a distinction in shopping between needs and wants. What do students around here need, this is included in their lifestyle. Also, what about the campus makes things wanted and desirable. Why? And are these things readily available.

Also, another interesting spin on this is to look at what places are overly successful. Why does Pantry 1 do such good business? Wegmans? etc.?


I was just reading your stuff and it looks really cool, I think that the inclusion of the professors in the analysis is a nice touch since most of rhetorical burden seems to fall on the students when it comes to connecting to the Southside. Just wondered if you were interested in looking at how successful current programs that fall under Southside outreach are.


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