Book Progression Organization

Peter's Preface
Robert Li's Chapter
David Tench's Chapter
Michael Brunken's Chapter
Aaron Wilensky's Chapter
Mario Delgado's Chapter
Steve Laluna's Chapter
Jason Morejon's Chapter

Original Outlines

Robert Li's Outline
David Tench's Outline
Jason Morejon's Outline
Steve Laluna's Outline
Mario Delgado's Outline
Aaron Wilensky's Outline
Michael Brunken's Outline


One of the ways I was thinking about organizing the book was an emphasis on the spatial focus of each of our topics; starting with improvements on the Lehigh campus, then reaching out into the Southside and into the greater Lehigh area. There is a diagram of what I mean attached to this page under files titles chapter progression.


I like that idea Mike. Since our topics seem to revolve around certain aspects of Lehigh and its people, we can start with a central point (the campus) and work our way out.


If we're doing this I don't know how well my topic would fit. It's not very spatial. I think.

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