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David Tench's Chapter

Community Values and Lehigh

The American University is changing. In particular the relationship between universities and the surrounding communities is being reevaluated. How is this happening at Lehigh?

Discussion of what is included in Lehigh community (just students? students and faculty? surrounding city/environment? TBD)
what's different between a university community and a "normal" community? Is there such thing as a normal community?

Lehigh's "Core Values"

(Collaboration, Integrity, Commitment to Quality, Personal and Professional Balance, Fostering a Diverse Environment, Holistic Student Development)

  • brief discussion of these values, which covers at least the following questions:
  • Do these 'core values'or the university's pursuit thereof affect the Lehigh community? Which ones? Why?
  • What is the implicit aim behind these values? Does the university's actions match their stated purposes?
  • How do these values and the university's policies illuminate how Lehigh as an institution treats those in and around it? In what ways does Lehigh try to change or develop its students/faculty?

In particular, concentrate on any differences between Lehigh's stated goals and its actions. What is revealed through such inconsistencies?

Lehigh Students

Might transition from previous topic by talking about how students view the "core values"

  • Are students aware of it? If so, do they explicitly agree or disagree with it?
  • If they agree, why is each value important?
  • If they disagree, why? Would they substitute other values?

Moving away from core values, how do Lehigh students see themselves as part of a community?

  • Do they see Lehigh simply as a place to get a degree? A place to party for four years?
  • Are there a lot of "suitcase students"?
  • Do students mostly stay on campus or do they leave (without going home)? Do they frequent Bethlehem proper? Go to local malls? Other nearby cities or towns?
  • How many upperclassmen choose to live off-campus? Why is this?
  • How much time is spent studying? Partying? Participating in clubs/organizations? Hanging out with friends? Working at jobs? Attending Lehigh events? Off-campus activities?
  • How do students view Lehigh as a university? As a student body? As a regional social force?
  • Do students feel that they're able to create change at Lehigh? (active community)
  • Do they vote? Do they feel that voting makes them a community member?
  • Do they LIKE Lehigh? Do they want to be here?
  • How many people stick around the area after graduating from Lehigh?
  • Do students "grow out of" college? i.e. get their own place, pay for their own food, etc.

related- how does the whole consumer aspect of Lehigh apply? In the sense that we constantly need to look a certain way to attract new applicants every year.

Lehigh Faculty/Staff

Faculty are more likely to be aware of Lehigh's core values and its attitudes, at least those that directly relate to academics.

  • What problems/disagreements do faculty have about Lehigh's approach to education? To student life? To community involvement?
  • What is the faculty's reaction to the "core values"?
  • Why do professors teach at Lehigh? Do they like working here?

*What do faculty members think is important for students? What is their ideal relationship between Lehigh and its students?

  • Do faculty members feel that Lehigh makes higher education possible or gets in its way?
  • Incorporated police force - what effect/message does it send?

Lehigh's Surroundings (Bethlehem etc.)

  • How do local community members view Lehigh as a university? How do they view Lehigh students?
  • Do they feel that the presence of Lehigh produces net positive or negative effects?
  • How often/to what extent are their lives affected by Lehigh?
  • How do Lehigh students view Bethlehem and the surrounding area? How does the university view it?
  • Do they feel that Lehigh's location in a city like Bethlehem produces net positive or negative effects?
  • How often/to what extent are their lives affected by Bethlehem and the surrounding area?
  • Is the perception of danger/crime responsible for the existence of said problems?

A lot of great questions that I would like to know the answers to. Have you decided on a method of collecting the information?Survey? Interview?

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