General Suggestions
  • Place general suggestions here.
  • David Bacon's work is very interesting. Perhaps we could contact him to see if he is able to speak/exhibit.
  • The Poli Sci student is acting up in me, when I was in Israel, I came into contact with a number of UNHCR people. We may want to bring someone from the US field office to speak? -Aaron
  • In the latest UPenn alumni magazine is an article entitled "Life Out of Context: Sociology's Emilio Parrado Studies how Migration Disrupts the Lives of Hispanic Immigrants." Prof. Parrado is close (Philly) and with the large Hispanic population in the Lehigh Valley, we might well think about asking him to come up, spend some time with us and do a larger lecture for the university. I have uploaded a pdf of the magazine to this page in case anyone is interested in taking a look. (Go to the bottom of the page and click "Files". That will give you a link to the uploaded file. The article starts on page 18.) ~Ben
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