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I've been using this blog to record some of my thoughts about food and nutrition and the information I've come across so far. I'm hoping that putting down my thoughts on a regular basis will help me when compiling the chapter for the book. I'm on Blogger at: [http://lufoodist.blogspot.com/]

“We aspire to create visible collaborations between the university and the community and showcase a city inspired by ideas, innovations, and new businesses. We also seek to help create an environment that draws and nurtures entrepreneurs. Lehigh's success in serving as a collaborator in the continuing renaissance of the local community will depend on the relationships we maintain and continue to develop with a broad range of partners with a legitimate interest in this endeavor.”
Developing relationships with the growers in the area could bring us a good deal closer to being a part of the community

Michael Brunken's Chapter

A Look At The Local Food Movement

  • Defining the term local
  • The merits of buying local produce generally

Where Lehigh Gets its Food

  • Finding out what produce items come from which part of the country
  • Hope to use resources to pinpoint where food comes from including;
    1. Sodexho (the company that coordinates most food purchases),
    2. Food Routes an organization that tracks the shipment of food in the Greater Lehigh Valley
    3. Farmers Coop, sells food in campus square in August, September and October

A Look at the Local food scene in the Lehigh Valley

  • Some of the farms Bethlehem Area
    1. Meeting the proprietors
    2. Finding out their views on the local food movement
    3. Assess willingness to partner with Lehigh University
  • Cost of Purchasing local food
    1. Potential effects on tuition
    2. Change in the availability of Foods

Nutrition of Locally Grown Food

  • Comparison between small farm and industrial farm techniques
    1. Water Usage
    2. Planting Practices
      • Types of crops grown
      • Use of pesticide
      • Tilling techniques
  • Evaluation of the nutritional differences between local and industrial food
    1. Is there a health benefit to choosing one over the other

Where is the Common Ground?

  • Where can we work with Sodexho
  • What can they change to accommodate us
  • What do we have to do to mobilize the student population
    1. Would such changes be acceptable to the general student population as it is?

Education Going Forward

  • Making food awareness a part of freshman orientation to promote all-around education about nutrition and the community
    1. Explaining good nutrition practices
    2. Food as a community effort – connecting to community through the things you eat
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