How and where we live is at once a simple question and a vexing one. Any creature built from more than a few cells figures out an answer with ease, yet somehow we human people complicate this most basic requirement and manage to muddle it up more often than not. How can this be so for something so apparently obvious that for some, the topic bears no discussion?

This book represents an investigation into this question, taken from many angled viewpoints that intersect around the community that surrounds Lehigh University. A university might seem an odd focus for this work, given how "non-real" campuses are often made out to be. But this very peculiar geography in fact exposes relationships and customs that permit insight into questions of where and how people live, more generally. In his chapter, Delgado analyzes…. Wilensky argues, while Brunken dissects… Morejon and Li address issues of community and…. Tench examines… Laluna shifts the conversation to the ritual and examines…

One could argue that how and where we live can explain if not everything, a lot about our current circumstances. Taken together, the chapters in this book provide a compelling argument that….

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