Robert Li's Outline

General Ideas

  1. Zoning of On-Campus Lehigh
  2. Zoning of Off-Campus Lehigh
  3. How Lehigh Has Become Districted
  4. What are these Districts/Why Have they Formed
  5. Possible Solutions
  6. Integration Within Strategic Plan

Robert Li's Chapter

Zoning of On Campus Lehigh

On Campus Lehigh is broken into many different segments. For starters the main school is split into:
College of Arts and Sciences
Business School
College of Engineering

However, the schools is constructed of more than that. There are also the following dorms and other sections:
The Hill
Campus Square

I want to further define these areas. What do we really define as the College of Arts and Sciences, Business School, etc. What buildings exactly do these encompass. And how do people within these areas tend to act, feel. How to people relate to these areas (both involved within it and those outside of this zone, community).

Zoning of Off Campus Lehigh

This section will conclude about differences between living on 3rd, 4th, and 5th Street as opposed to Birkel, Montclaire, and Hillside. Farther districts, North Side, etc., will be added.

What are the off campus areas? (Expanded differences in what areas are specifically, how they function, cost of living, etc? What makes each area different and how. And how are these areas used. What mood goes along with each area (example: studying area, partying area, etc.) Also check availability of goods, relate to Aaron's project, where people eat, what they buy, etc.)


In this section explain what each "district" is. For instance, the engineering parts of campus versus arts part of campus. Also talk of the off campus housing.

Expansion on parts above. What is each zone or district, and what mood, emotions does this carry with it. How do people behave and act within this district. Does this causes people to function in a certain way. (Buying of goods, behavioral, partying, studying, etc.)

Formation of Districts

What purpose do these districts serve. Why did they form, and plausible explanations.

Explanation of how these districts possibly came to be, and why they can function the way they do. Is this the best possible function of them? What can we do to change this?

Possible solutions

Talk about what would need to be done to either fix, ignore, or integrate districts.

Emphasis of integration of districts/dissolution of districts. What factors must plan in to creating more unity. Costs? Effectiveness? How much of this is an internal, structural problem versus a personality or just plain problem that repeats itself.


Talk about how these solutions fit into Lehigh's Strategic Plan.

  • STAR - Intervention for at-risk children
  • STEM - Lehigh students teaching all grade levels (tutoring)
  • Community Service Office - Volunteer for over 100 local agencies
  • C.O.A.C.H. - Student athletes connecting with high school students
  • CHOICES - getting middle school girls involved in math
  • etc.


Hey Rob,
I was looking at your outline and I had a few clarifying questions

When you say the differences between living on 3rd 4th 5th and Birkel, do you mean the mix of uses in the space? - also, will this be mostly about Lehigh or are you trying to include the rest of Bethlehem with the inclusion of the Northside?

Also, what part of the strategic plan were you looking to tackle? I think this could fit under multiple issues addressed including fostering connections with the Southside in the way campus square has tried to do.

I was just curious about your process for choosing to split up the campus according to the three colleges.


Hey Mike,
I updated the outline. Does this clear things up a little bit more?

Definitely, will be interested to see how easy/difficult it turns out to be when districting the campus according to use by the different colleges. Also, I think the mood aspect in each of the districts ties in well with what Aaron and Mario are trying to do. Do you know how you can get a snapshot of that yet?

have you thought about tribalism? could people want to live near each other in "districts" subconsciously?

I think your idea ties in well with my investigation of why students are averse to the Southside. I think we can get some definite overlap here with students feelings and perceptions of the southside.

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