South Mountain College Investigations 2009 10


For this year, we are researching and designing projects in the topic of "How and Where We Live". We have already had guest speaker Jim Kunstler come visit and give us a guest lecture on Urban Sprawl and Redesigning and Redistricting areas.

  • Goals and Plans
  1. Using the "Strategic Plan" for Lehigh in rebuilding and restructuring campus, we individually will research ideas of our interest in the topics of "Where and How We Live".
  2. Using our research, we hope to construct a book that reflects both a collaboration and the individual efforts of each member.


  1. Now (for 2/12 meeting): Look at Gopnik piece; think about chapter style(s)
  2. NOW: complete draft posted for ALL chapters
  3. 19 February: Outline of summary chapter
  4. 26 February: Final chapter draft
  5. 5 March: All chapters and preface to editors (final deadline)
  6. 5 to 12 March: rewrites and revisions
  7. 9 March: Underlying Themes in to Aaron for Summary Chapter
  8. 12 to 19 March: proofing and layout
  9. 19 to 21 March: proofing, proofing, proofing
  10. 22 March: book to printing service
  11. 26 March: plan panel discussion
  12. ~7 April: book to reviewers
  13. 8 or 15 April: Panel discussion
  14. Trips, speakers, films, other activities?

Reviewers (as discussed at 2/5 meeting)

  1. Urban Research and Development Corporation, Bethlehem (website) (need person)
  2. Greg Skutches
  3. Brad Askins
  4. Bethlehem City Planning Bureau (website) (need person)
  5. Faculty member from Barnard-Columbia Urban Studies Program (website) (tentatively, Smiley)
  6. Member of Columbia Earth Institute's Center for Sustainable Urban Development (website)
  7. Tom Hyclak (LU Professor of Economics, co-author of Strategic Plan document "Partnering the Renaissance of the Local Community: Steps to Implementation") (he's also apparently quite interested in SMC).
  8. Someone from the Bethlehem Office of Economic Development (website)
  9. One or more students (Rob and others to decide who)

Book Contents

Summary Chapter

Chapter drafts

Chapter Theses (tweet-haiku version)

  • Brunken: know your food
  • Delgado: bringing together a campus divided by challenging topography
  • Laluna: technological/advances drag the campus/to digital realm
  • Li: internal communities at universities are granted too much authority
  • Morejón: Longevity of Gothic architecture in modern society
  • Tench: get to know your neighbors - it's good for you
  • Wilensky: students attitudes towards town

Other Things of Importance

Peter's comments about project
Individual Recommendations/Books/etc.
Lehigh's Strategic Plan

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