List here ideas for a survey. List questions you want answered or show concern about other questions.

If we were going to do a survey, I feel that we should make one large one for the whole investigation, not several individual ones. This way, we make administrative work easier and we also avoid overlapping questions.
Do you live on or off campus?

What three words come to your mind when thinking about the Southside, Northside?

Do you eat off campus?

Do you shop on the southside, northside?

Why do you choose to shop or not shop there?

Do you do most of your clothing shopping at home, Lehigh Valley Mall/Promenade, Southside, Northside?

Do you pay using (cash, credit, debit, Goldplus) when you shop on the Northside, Southside, Lehigh Valley Mall/Promenade?

Do you have access to a car on campus or nearby campus?

What kinds of stores would you like to see more of in Southside?

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